EezTire TPMS

We have designed and developed top of the line, new age wireless tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) using German INFINEON IC technology for the RV and Transportation Industries. Our TPMS system is designed as a safety feature to allow drivers to monitor both the tire pressure and temperature of the tires on their RV, motorhomes, motor coaches, towed vehicles, trailers, trucks or any vehicle that doesn’t have a built-in TPMS. EezTire TPMS is the most reliable and economical to ensure your tire safety on the road. 

Uses the latest German INFINEON IC technology means a sensor size 1/3 less than the typical sensor on the market with replaceable batteries with up to 2 years of life expectancy! One of the largest monitors on the market for a TPMS system - a full 3 1/2 inches in size!

Monitor Features

· Reliable and easy to program and install

· Monitors up to 26 tires

· Monitors both tire pressure and temperature

· Separate controls for front vehicle and towed vehicle

· Configurable high/low pressure warnings

· Configurable high temperature warnings

· Visible and audible alerts

· Selectable pressure units

· Booster/repeater can be added to overcome electronic interference & distance challenges

· Per axle measurements can be configured on the monitor

· Large LCD screen. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

· Automatic backlight

Sensor Features

· Any combination of anti-theft or flow-through sensors 

· Sensor replaces existing valve caps

· Replaceable batteries last up to 2 years 

· Light weight – No need for rebalancing tires

· Monitors both tire pressure and temperature

· Water resistant

· Individually coded sensors.

· Anti-theft design

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After working with our existing customers and engineers over the past couple years we have engineered a new Flow Through sensor specifically designed for the EezTire TPMS system. This new EEZTIRE ST Flow Through sensor addresses the issues that our competitors struggle with in terms of being slow to fill, short battery life, leaking from joints and housing cracks.

The new EezTire ST Flow Through sensors are fabricated from a harder material to eliminate the issue of the housing cracking over time. Also, the old or standard Flow Through sensor used by many companies consisted of 3 pieces connected together on the inside and often led to leaks at the housing. The new internal portion of the EezTire  Flow Through sensor is made of a single structure with a larger bore. This eliminates leak points at the housing and the slow fill issue. We have also upgraded the IC board to the same latest German INFINEON IC technology which we use in our EezTire T518  Anti-Theft sensors.

As we receive feedback from our customers and evaluate the latest technology available on the market, we work with our factory engineers to integrate that into our systems. Many companies rolled out their systems years ago and have stayed with what they initially offered. We feel it is our obligation to offer our customers the best the market has to offer.