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EEZ RV PRODUCTS dedication to quality and innovation can be seen in our team approach to product development. As part of our continuous quality improvement program our management, representatives, dealers and engineers work closely together with the factories to improve current product lines. When evaluating new product introduction we go beyond industry trends and solicit input directly from our customers.  By leveraging our expertise and our unprecedented industry access we strive to surpass our competition in quality, innovation and value.   

Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of our customer’s leisure experience. We strive to deliver high quality, cost effective products to those we serve; by offering the convenience of multiple brands, product lines, and providing a superior shopping experience while creating lifelong customer relationships.

Product Focus

New EEZTIRE TPMS Flow Through Sensor


After working with our existing customers and engineers over the past couple years we have engineered a new Flow Through sensor specifically designed for the EezTire TPMS system. This new EEZTIRE ST Flow Through sensor addresses the issues that our competitors struggle with in terms being slow to fill, short battery life, leaking from joints and housing cracks.

The new EezTire ST Flow Through sensors are fabricated from a harder material to eliminate the issue of the housing cracking over time. Also, the old or standard Flow Through sensor used by many companies consisted of 3 pieces connected together on the inside and often led to leaks at the housing. The new internal portion of the EezTire ST Flow Through sensor is made of a single structure with a larger bore. This eliminates leak points at the housing and the slow fill issue. We have also upgraded the IC board to the same latest German INFINEON IC technology which we use in our EezTire T515 SP Anti-Theft sensors.

As we receive feedback from our customers and evaluate the latest technology available on the market, we work with our factory engineers to integrate that into our systems. Many companies rolled out there systems years ago and have stayed with what they initially offered. We feel it is our obligation to offer our customers the best the market has to offer.

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Solar Systems, Panels, Inverter/Chargers and Controllers

EEZ RV PRODUCTS has carried roof mounted solar panels and Inverter/Chargers out of our Arizona operations for the past few years. Until now we have limited it to regional installers and snowbirds wishing to install solar during their winter migration. Now, in conjunction with our introduction of the PowerFLEX Flexible Solar Panels we are offering our solar and charging options on a wider scale.

-    Conforms to the shape of your roof
-    No glass or metal frame, durable, hail-resistant
-    Can be walked on

-    No screws through your roof
-    Less wear and tear on your roof
-    Theft-resistant

-    Unobstrusive installation
-    Minimize roof stress
-    Flexible installation configurations
-    Aerodynamic

-    High efficiency GIGS technology
-    Performs in all light conditions
-    Shade tolerant

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Pure Sine Wave Inverter Chargers

AVAILABLE IN 1500W and 3000W (Available with or without a built in MPPT Charge Controller)

This series Pure Sine Wave Inverter is a combination of an inverter, battery charger and AC auto-transfer switch into one complete system with a peak conversion efficiency of 88%. It is packed with unique features and it is one of the most advanced inverter/chargers on the market today. It features power factor corrected, sophisticated multi-stage charging and pure sine wave output with unprecedented high surge capability to meet demanding power needs of inductive loads without endangering the equipment.

For the regular model, when utility AC power cuts off (or falls out of acceptable range), the transfer relay is de-energized and the load is automatically transferred to the Inverter output. Once the qualified AC utility is restored, the relay is energized and the load is automatically reconnected to AC utility. The APC/APP Series Inverter is equipped with a powerful charger of up to110Amps (depending on model). The overload capacity is 300% of continuous output for up to 20 seconds to reliably support tools and equipment longer.

Another important feature is that the inverter can be easily customized to Battery priority via a DIP switch, this helps to extract maximum power from battery in renewable energy systems. Thus, the APC/APP Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter is suitable for Renewable energy system, Utility, RV, Marine and Emergency appliances.


•    Smart Remote Control (RMT)
•    Designed to Operate under Harsh Environment
•    DC Start and Automatic Self-Diagnostic Function
•    Compatible with Both Linear and Non-Linear Load
•    Easy to Install and Easy to Operate and Easy to Solve

•    Low DC Voltage Supports Home and O˜ce Appliances
•    Powerful Charge Rate Up to 120Amp, Selectable From 0%-100%
•    High Efficiency Design and “Power Saving Mode” to Conserve Energy
•    Battery Priority Mode, Designates the Inverter-Preferred UPS Configuration
•    13 Vdc Battery Recover Point, Dedicated for Renewable Energy Systems
•    8 Pre Set Battery Type Selector plus De-sulphation for Totally Flat Batteries
•    4-step Intelligent Battery Charging, PFC (Power Factor Correction) for Charger
•    8 ms Typical Transfer Time Between Utility & Battery, Guarantees Power Continuity
•    5s Delay Before Transfer when AC Resumes, Protection for Load when Used with Generator

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